Pineapple Rose Gold Bottle Stopper



Stunning pineapple rose gold bottle stopper in black, gift-style box – the perfect excuse to save wine (for one more night at least!)



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Our beautiful, dazzling pineapple rose gold bottle stopper not only keeps your wine drinkable for longer but looks fabulous while doing it! Do you often find yourself thinking you should drink the whole bottle of wine otherwise it will go to waste? Well now you have an excuse not to! Because if you get as excited about these beautiful rose gold bottle stoppers as we do, then you’ll be making that wine last for at least 1 day longer! Our pineapple rose gold bottle stopper is beautifully presented in a stylish black box and makes a perfect, easy gift on its own or with a bottle of wine. Why not pair it up with some of our stemless copper glassware or wine pearls?

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Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions6 × 4 × 15 cm