Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

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Whatever your favourite tipple, our hammered copper mugs will keep your drink cool and classy. Traditionally used for the Moscow mule, we’ve experimented [tough gig] and found that any cocktail tastes great in these beauties. Presented in a black-gift style box, it’s a cocktail lover’s must-have.



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There’s a list of drinks that pair well with copper moscow mule mugs. From the obvious and well-known moscow mule, to margaritas, G and T’s, and Pimms to name a few.


Thanks to the properties of copper and metal, the drinks in copper moscow mule mugs taste better and are kept cool longer. This cooling effect works with any cold cocktail, especially those with lime or vodka ingredients, making the ultimate cocktail experience.


If you know someone who’s a cocktail aficionado, then these are a must-have item!


And are you wondering whether drinking from copper lends a ‘metal’ taste to your drink? CLINQ’s copper glassware is copper plated inside and out. It is then coated with a clear, food-safe and durable coating that keeps your glassware gleaming and your drink tasting how it should.


Each glass holds up to 450ml.


Our copper glassware is not dishwasher safe and we recommend hand-washing. You can find more information on how to look after your copper moscow mule mugs on our product care page here. Each set comes with a product care card and CLINQ microfibre polishing cloth.

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